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Discover the cutting-edge Konner Magneta, a magnetic latch locking system transforming the way doors are secured, both indoors and outdoors. Its pioneering magnetic technology offers a secure, silent operation that eradicates the familiar noise of traditional latches. The result is a whisper-quiet closure, setting a new standard in door locking efficiency.

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Konner Magneta SS x #201 Miwa Handle Black_1.jpg
Konner Magneta x Handle JWL 908 Black_2.jpg
Konner Magneta x Handle JWL SS_3.jpg

Leading the New Era of Silent and Modern Door Locks

Imagine a world where doors close smoothly and silently, without the annoying clicks and clangs that disrupt your peace. With Konner Magneta, a revolutionary door lock system with cutting-edge magnetic technology, this becomes a reality.

Konner Magneta is not just about eliminating noise. Its sophisticated magnetic technology offers a range of advantages that make it the ideal choice for modern homes:

Konner Magneta x Handle JWL 908 Black_1.JPG

Konner Magneta is not just a product, but an innovative solution that changes the way we look at door locks. By combining cutting-edge technology, elegant design, and a focus on user comfort, Konner Magneta sets a new standard for silent, secure, and modern door operation.

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